May 21, 2012

New Travel Anthology Conjures the “Magnificent Mosaic of the World”

There are lots of jungle pants–and a few shopping bags as well–in the funny, poignant, adventurous travel stories in the new anthology by the Bay Area Travel Writers, Travel Stories from Around the Globe. These stories may you laugh, cry, scratch your head; they’ll amaze you; but–above all–they’ll make you want to get up and go!

The Bay Area’s own travel-maestro Don George, Editor-at-Large for National Geographic Traveler, says:

“This world girdling collection whisks us from New York, Canada, and Mexico to India and Tibet. In its pages we ride the Orient Express and sail a luxury exhibition ship, walk Alaska’s Chilkoot Trail, explore Mayan caves in Guatemala, soak in Japanese hot mud baths. We meet a master ice cream maker, learn the art of hula in India and absorb unforgettable stories of courage and compassion.

“We re-appreciate the magnificent mosaic of the world.”

I’m excited to be a part of this book with my story, “Toboggans ad Bouzouki Music.”Tobogga on Yaoshen, China's Yao Mountain
Enjoy my wild ride along with 22 others.

You can buy the book here. At only $12.95, it also makes a great gift for travel-loving friends.

Anne tobogganing down China’s Yao Mountain

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