August 6, 2012

Ten tips for American ladies planing a trip to Paris

I’m looking forward to Paris this fall with the wonderful Wanderland Writers. Thank goodness one of our number, the lovely Antoinette, is French. She offers a goldmine of tips to help keep the rest of us from the mortification of bad form.

  1. French women wear lipstick. Americans look pale by comparison
  2. The safest purse is one with a zipper.
  3. Always greet the proprieter (Bonjour, Madame! Bonjour Monsieur!) when you enter an establishment.
  4. French people shake hands with people they are introduced to, or whom they know. Even if they meet for the second or third time in a day!
  5. The easiest way to get help is to say: PARDON, monsieur, or madame, je cherche …
  6. Don’t wear new shoes. But you know that already
  7. Last time I was there, there was NO decaf coffee or tea in cafes or grocery stores.
  8. Remember, the water in Paris is hard (calcium, good for the bones!) so you’ll need to use more shampoo for bubbles and more conditioner…
  9. Photocopying the first page of your passport and tickets is a good idea.
  10. The cheapest and most pleasant drink to watch the world go by at a café is a Citron Pressé. Fresh lemon juice is better than’ une citronade’ or ‘ une limonade.’..

What are your best tips for enjoying Paris?

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