May 9, 2010

Travel Gear: My Favorite Sun Hat

On Crete, wearing my favorite Helen Kaminsky hat

Anyone with fair skin knows the importance of keeping your sun exposure in check.  That goes double for travelers with autoimmune disease, roseacea or any history of precancerous lesions.  Good sun screen is a given on the road. But for many of us that’s not enough. We need the extra step of a good sun hat.

I’ve always been jealous of  women who look great in ball caps. I am not one of them. Nerdy though it may be, I love my Helen Kaminski Classic Bretton sun hat.  Its wide brim keeps the sun off my face and neck. These hats last forever, give great sun protection and can camouflage even the worst bad-hair days.

I’ve also found an unexpected benefit: Little girls love them. Showing up in a wide hat is a great conversation starter the world over.  The girls must think I look like Dora Explorer. Well, I probably do!

Helen Kaminsky Classic Bretton Sun Hat.

Caveats:   With no strap, I have to take it off on windy boat rides. It’s big, so I have it wear it on the plane.

When I want a packable hat, I take my Helen Kaminski packable Provence 8 number.

Helen Kaminsky packable, crushable Provence 8 hat

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