October 7, 2010

New Travel Anthology: Wandering in Costa Rica

I’m excited on three fronts this month – reader, writer, and traveler – at the publication of Wandering in Costa Rica, a new anthology of  travel stories and poems about one Wandering in Costa Ricaof the world’s – and my – favorite vacation spots. The book includes more than twenty essays, vignettes and poems by travel writers from Costa Rica and abroad including award-winning travel writers Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Joanna Biggar, and Laurie McCandish King, plus poetry by Greek American poet Thanasis Maskaleris, and also one story by – me.  It’s a thrill for me to be reside between perfect-bound covers with such illustrious company.

From the publisher:

Wandering in Costa Rica evokes the rainforest: brilliant butterflies and twisting lianas, poison dart frogs and tropical quetzals, fearsome snakes and opulent orchids. And it introduces Ticos: determined farmers, a menacing outlaw, kindly caregivers, a machete-wielding jungle guide, and a Monkey Whisperer, to name a few. The intimate voices and tapestry-like interplay of characters and locations in this anthology makes it read like an old friend’s diary; you feel, somehow, as though you were there in the place it was written.”

Buy Wandering in Costa Rica, edited by Joanna Biggar and Linda Watanabe McFerrin, here.

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