April 10, 2011

India’s Elephants: Great Writing as a Siren Call to Travel

Indian elephant in Kerala (photo by Anne Sigmon)

Publication of the Travelers Tales Best Travel Writing anthology is an annual delight fest, an opportunity to gorge on the sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, always exciting adventures of fellow writing travelers. Each time I open any one of the Travelers Tales books, I want to put on my favorite jungle pants and just go.


The 2011 edition, to be published next month, is a special pleasure as it will contains a pricelessly funny story, “Alone in India–But Not for Long,” by Kate Crawford, one of my favorite traveling JunglePants types. Kate traipses around the world–in this story, to India–in campy defiance of health blips that would keep lesser women ensconced under the covers.


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From the publisher:

From high adventure to spiritual growth, romance, hilarity and misadventure, the tales The Best Travel Writing 2011 takes readers from a couple falling in love in Guyana to a traveler conducting his own detente in Russian baths to an archaeologist who digs up her own past in Greece. Readers learn the nuances of bargaining in Senegal and much more.

Kate in India


Another of Kate’s India stories, “Elephant Driving 101,” was a winner in the Wander Women Write contest sponsored by the online travelzine Wanderlust and Lipstick.

“Scrambling upright,” Kate writes, “I attempt a proper mahout pose. My hands clutch the rope-like ridges along the top of Yom’s palm-sized ears. Tucking my feet under them, my legs spread like a cheerleader’s after the winning touchdown.”


Read the full story at http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/wander-tales/asia/elephant-driving-101/

Also check out Kate’s travel e-zine Ciao! Travel With Attitude


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