June 19, 2012

Rafting? to Anasazi Ruins?


The Wanderland Writers had great fun last week at the two launch parties for our new anthology Wandering in Bali. I read from my story “Bali Shadows.”

Anne & Jack Rafting Bali’s Ayung River, 1991

Remembering a long ago adventure rafting with Jack on the Ayung River near Ubud, I wrote,

“Oh, how I’d loved the thrill of that ride, the dry-mouthed taste of danger, of pushing myself beyond any physical limits I’d ever dreamed … That part of my life was over, I knew. There wouldn’t be any rafting for me on this trip, or any other. Even if Jack were with me, I couldn’t chance it. Middle-aged ladies on blood-thinners have no business duking it out with rock-strewn rapids.”

So how come I just signed up for a raft trip down the San Juan River in Utah? Hmmm …

Two good reasons: Because the river’s not very rough (I hear … I hope), and because we’ll visit magnificent Anasazi (ancient pueblo) ruins that are hard to see any other way.

Here are a few shots from remote Anasazi ruins we saw in 2011 by hiking in to Grand Gulch Canyon (near Blanding, Utah) with a train of llamas:

[slideshow post_id=”1396″]

Jack is ever creative in ways to explore remote regions.

I hope next month, I’ll be posting some new photos of the ruins along the San Juan River.

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