June 25, 2010

China’s Yellow Mountain (Huangshan)

Craggy pinnacle peaks on Huangshan – Yellow Mountain – in Eastern China’s Anhui Province. Huangshan is where Emperor Huang Di, the mythological ancestor of the Han Chinese, is said to have ascended into heaven. The craggy peaks of Yellow Mountain have been immortalized by centuries of Chinese poets and painters. At right is the peak called “Beginning to Believe”.









At “Cloud Dispelling Pavillion” there’s a tradition where couples affirm their bond by leaving a lock and throwing away the key.  We couldn’t miss the chance to participate. Our lock is one of these.

Hongcun Village, where the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was filmed


At the southwest corner of Huangshan is Hungcun, an ancient village whose name means “to get richer and richer.” The village was founded in the Ming Dynasty and is the ancestral seat of the Wang clan.  Scenesfrom the hit movie “Crouching Tger, Hidden Dragon” were filmed here.

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